Sunday, July 2, 2023

Moshirolmolk Caravansary

Moshirolmolk Caravansary (کاروانسرای مشیر الملک), also known as Borazjan Castle (دژ برازجان), is a historical castle, located in Dashtestan County in Bushehr Province. The longevity of this fortress dates back to the Qajar dynasty. It was built by Haj Mohammad Rahim Shirazi, who also built Moshir Bridge and Dalaki Caravansary. The royal road that connected trade routes of southern Iranian provinces of Bushehr and Fars passed through Borazjan and demanded caravansaries so that the travelers would have a safe place to rest. Haj Mirza Abolhasan Khan Moshirolmolk, who was one of the elders of this land, and the ruler of Fars in 1871, ordered a caravanserai to be built in an area of over 7,000 square meters. The building itself is about 4,200 square meters. It was used as a resting area for about fifty years. Subsequently it was utilized as commanding offices of the army, and during the second Pahlavi era, as a prison.

The structure adopts the Zandieh Architectural style. The caravansary is in the form of a rectangle. It has four towers, each over 12 meters high. The towers provided safety for the people who rested inside the building. The material used in this building are mostly stones and water-resistant mortar. In addition to the façade of the caravansary that is covered with stones, the outside and inside of the entrance is covered with yellow carved stones. The floor was constructed from large rocks placed in a manner in which the spaces in between them acted as gutters when it rained.

The entrance is located on the south-western side where a wooden door used to exist. In this section there are two stories with the upper floor being known as Shahneshin. There are a set of stairs on each side of it that lead to the roof of the structure. 

The building is one-story on its other parts, and each story has two alcoves. There are two large and small yards in this caravansary and 68 occupant rooms although that number has varied at times depending on different usage of the space. On the western side a wooden door used to exist that which was the main entrance.

On the walls of the rooms of this caravansary, beautiful linear relics can be seen, which are usually the handwriting of characters who were previously imprisoned in this place.

Moshirolmolk Caravansary was registered in the list of country’s national monuments in 1983. In 2023 the first phase of renovations of the structure began.


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